“Define yourself radically as one beloved by God. This is the true self. Every other identity is illusion.” Brennan Manning

Friday, April 27, 2018

Best things about being single

I find myself. 
I make the rules.
I can parent my way. 
I am closer to my kids because I value my time with them so much more.
I have more time to think and listen.
I have more intimacy with Jesus than I’ve ever had from a man, and I am able to let Him complete me and satisfy my deep longings to be known, seen, and loved. He meets me in the sweetest ways! 
I am less distracted and able to focus on and do things I really love.
I have no one to blame for things left undone. It’s my job and I can take pride in my work. 
I can go to bed when my kids do and wake up early! 
I never have to get dressed up or try to impress ANYONE!!!
I never have to make anyone happy with me! 
I can just be myself and be happy with who I am! 
I can love myself and see myself the way God sees me - ALWAYS through eyes of grace! 
I can own my own mistakes and learn from them.
I am more free to just be! 
I am more free to love others! 
Parenting is an adventure, and my kids and I work together.
I appreciate my friends so much more! 
I hang out with my neighbors. 
I feel less isolated and more part of a bigger community.
I learn who I can trust and depend on.
I feel loved and seen and known by people because I reach out more.
I learn to do things I never would have learned before.
I rely on God to meet my needs. 
I am more confident with who I am and who God created me to be. 
I know what I enjoy and don’t enjoy, and I don’t have to force myself to fit in places that don’t fit me.
I am not alone. 
I am whole and complete in Jesus without a man!