“Define yourself radically as one beloved by God. This is the true self. Every other identity is illusion.” Brennan Manning

Monday, August 18, 2014

Self-medicating to Survive

I didn't throw up even though I wanted to. I numbed with food again. Why is that my go-to when I don’t want to feel? I lay down and my mind is flooded with memories. As I acknowledge the true reality of my life, I can understand why I have used food as an escape. I let myself feel the feelings I never got to.

I had to be ‘ON’ all the time. I felt so disconnected from myself - like an imposter - afraid someone would find me out. Survival for me was based on pleasing and performing, while suppressing a deep loneliness, sadness, and hurt. Seeing myself in a new light gives me some self-compassion.

One memory came back vividly:

The house was quiet - everyone in bed. I snuck back upstairs, big bowl of ice cream in hand. I ate in secret to feel better... for a moment... But then, was left with a sick stomach and guilty conscience. Why do I abuse my body with food?

A friend was spending the night in the room down the hall and I shuddered at the thought of her finding out the way I really was - so out of control and a mess. She had traveled to see me so we could pass out tracks together and share the Gospel with “lost souls.” I felt ashamed of myself and believed that no one would like me if they knew my deep struggle with self-contempt and food.

My husband and I were living at my parents’ house at that time because we had gotten so far in debt after our first year of marriage. You see, I married a Jesus freak. Even though he wasn’t attracted to me, he married me because “God told him to.” I was a girl who wouldn’t hold him back. I didn’t complain and went along with whatever he wanted. He believed we should “live as if we weren’t married” so he could maximize his energies in preaching. Without a steady job, he maxed out our first credit card to Native Missionaries and we gave our possessions away. Thus, we moved in with my parents…

You see, I am the oldest of five kids in a dysfunctional home. I was the “good girl”, always striving to be perfect and make my family happy. I was told to be the example for my siblings - never making a mistake.

In High School, I became a leader at my school and cross-country team. We pushed each other to run harder and faster. I loved my team and my coach. My coach would tell me the same thing: that others would follow my intense drive and work ethic. He also encouraged me to lose weight even though I was already very underweight. He also told me to encourage other girls to do the same and gave us articles on how we would run faster with a lower percent body fat. That’s when I started throwing up.

All this pressure!

Pressure as a child to hold my family together and make everyone happy despite the constant fighting.

Pressure at school to be a leader and example, to make good grades, and be faster and skinnier.

Pressure as a wife to be a quiet, submissive, godly woman. I use to beg God to make me holy so my husband would like me, and to be skinnier because maybe then he would be attracted to me.

Pressure to share the gospel and pass out tracks wherever I went so the blood of those I passed wouldn’t be on my head, and God wouldn’t be displeased with me.

Pressure when I became a mother to train up my children to obey me so they would obey God later.

I felt like I was always being watched. I was afraid that someone would see through my smile to the hurting girl inside, and see my insecurity, fear, and weakness. Because in my world, that just wasn’t allowed or acceptable.

As I reflect on my life,

I see the little girl stuck in the middle of fighting - longing for safety and love.

I see the runner striving to be my best so I wouldn’t disappoint my coach and team.

I see the young wife - with the zealous husband - eager to submit and follow the rules for approval.

I see the young mother enmeshed in a controlling cult-church trying so hard to ‘abound in the grace of God’ while being beat down and exhausted by rules, condemnation, and shame.

In my circles, struggling meant that I wasn’t trusting God - that God was angry at me. I always felt like I was in trouble, and that I would just be cast out.

You see, I never knew God as Love. I never felt safe to let down my guard. I really wasn’t safe to think for myself or have feelings. Sadly, those parts of me had to be put to death for the sake of Christ and the Gospel?!

I coped with this loss of self by numbing my pain with food. It has served a purpose for me for a long time. But, now I’m in recovery and I am letting my wounds breathe and letting the light of the Son cleanse and heal me. Since I have self-medicated for so long, it is a hard habit to break.

But, I am learning to face the hurts in my life, let Jesus cover my shame, and allow myself to be fully human with emotions, mistakes, and all. Because truth is: I am loved and valued just as I am. God already proved that for me.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Letting Love Dispel the Lies

Have you ever bared your soul only to get blank stares back?  Or shared your heart with a friend without any feedback?  It's vulnerable to open our souls and let another person have a peek.  We stand there naked, exposed, waiting...  It's unbearable really.  Without some reassurance that we aren't the only one, and that our experience and feelings are valid, we want to run away and hide in shame.

Shame has been a constant voice in my head my whole life.  It tells me I'm never good enough.  That if people really knew me, they wouldn't like me.  It makes me want to disappear - afraid of being disconnected from the rest of humanity.  It tells me I am bad and not worth anyone's love, just a waste of time.

In my fight against shame, I remember that God chose me before I was ever born.  One thing that helps me is to write letters to myself from my Maker.  It doesn't have to be "good" because I'm not judged on how well I do.  Instead, it's just truth to minister to my soul and help me to live freely - and loved.

Here's a letter from my Creator Daddy this week:

Dearest Paula,

You are my precious daughter. I love you, little one. You are worth loving. You don't have to prove your worth. I have good plans for you. Don't worry, my child, I will never let you go. Even the smallest acts of love give me great delight. My love lives in you and you are learning to let others love you and give love to others. All of that is Me in you, and it is a beautiful thing to behold.

I'm sorry about all the hurts and loss in your life. This is a broken world full of sorrows, but I come to give you hope and life. I am mending your broken heart, and you can trust that I am working in ways you cannot see in the lives of loved ones you have had to let go. I can make all things new. It's okay to let go of relationships that hurt you. It's not your responsibility to fix others. You can leave that work to Me. You can rest, my love. 

I am with you.  I fight for you.  I believe in you.  I will never let you go. You are mine and I love every part of you. 

With all my love,

Your Maker

By the way, I like the way you are. I made you that way on purpose and for purpose.  Just be you.  
You are loved, my child.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Finding a Safe Place

Before we can let down our defenses, we have to feel safe.  I didn’t understand this until about a year ago when I first started to open my heart.  After a lifetime of hurts, I was afraid of being hurt again so I walled off my heart.  Behind my impenetrable wall, I felt lonely and untouchable.  A sweet friend encouraged me to join an online Book Club over the book, Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown. In reading her book, I realized that I was locked in shame and afraid to be vulnerable.  I didn’t feel loved and connected because I didn’t let people see my true self.  So, I began to “dare greatly” and unveil all that I had been trying to outrun all my life.

One of the first things my friend, Kelli, told me was, “you are safe here.”  I didn’t really know what that meant, but I know that it touched something deep.  Later, I began therapy and one of my first assignments was to find a “safe place.”  That was so frustrating for me!  I stayed up all night trying to find a safe place, but everywhere I would go in my mind was not safe at all.  On a beach, I was chased so I constructed walls to keep me safe, but then was assaulted by sea! Outdoors has always been a haven for me so I sat on a high rock in the woods overlooking a gentle river, but was attacked by an angry animal.  I couldn’t find safety anywhere!  That really disturbed me.  I didn’t realize I had been living in fear and paranoia - running from everything.

Though the Book Club, a Pastor from Iowa reached out to me - or really just responded to me.  I didn’t know he was a Pastor or I would have run as fast as I could the other direction!  But he was real and I felt safe sharing my struggles with him because he never judged or scolded me.  He just listened and when I wanted to quit, feeling completely hopeless, he didn’t give me the ‘right’ answer, he just encouraged me to let Jesus hold me and listen to His heartbeat.  

After a sleepless night of running for safety, exhausted, I stopped trying and just rested on my Savior’s chest.  While all this was in my head, it was so real and my physical body actually relaxed. Jesus became my Safe Place.  

When we feel safe, we can finally drop our defenses and face the darkness within.  We can acknowledge the pain and confusion and let the Light in.  We open our hearts to being loved as we are instead of pretending to be the way we think people want us to be.  There is so much freedom and healing when we let others see our ugly parts and we are accepted as we are.

Love enters in and heals our broken hearts.  It takes courage to trust when we haven’t known the safety of love and acceptance before.  When we have spent our lives running and hiding, being captured and loved feels very scary and we quickly want to fight and run again, but God holds us still and gently reassures us that though it hurts, our suffering is not in vain and He is at work to heal and restore us.  He will keep us safe.  It’s okay to rest.

I am forever thankful for the friends that God has placed in my life.  Thank you, Kelli, for walking with me every day of this crazy adventure and reading my endless processing and helping me see myself like God does.  I believe Providence brought you into all the craziness of MO so we could be bosom friends!  Thank you for never getting sick of me.  You show me what grace means.

Thank you, Dave, for listening to God and befriending a complete stranger and sharing the Good News with me hundreds of times.  Thank you for not judging my doubts, fears, anxieties, and self-hatred.  Thank you for being Jesus to me by always responding and always pointing me back to our Abba who loves us as we are, not as we should be.  Thank you for being so patient with me and for being my friend.   

I’m so thankful for my man who has stuck with me even through days where I lost hope and couldn’t figure out how to live.  Babe, you have proven your faithfulness to me over and over again.  I am so thankful that God is healing our marriage and we are learning to be safer and safer for each other and making our home a safe place for our children to grow up and discover who they are.  I love you, Babe!

I’m also thankful for the friends who have given me a voice when I have felt shut down so often in my life. Thank you for being there for me - to listen and let me cry or rant, and still seeing Jesus in me. Thank you for liking me ‘as is’ and accepting me like God does.  You all have taught me God’s unconditional love.  

Thank you, Jesus, for being my Safe Place and never ever leaving my side - my whole life!  I can live knowing that I am securely Your Beloved and You will never let me go!  I am safe now to be who You created me to be.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Not Forgotten

Everyone has a voice - a story to tell - full of depth, heartache, joy, wisdom, and beauty.  I have allowed fear and shame to tell me that I am not good enough and not worth listening to - that my perspective doesn’t count, but I am so thankful that my Jesus bought me with His very life and declared over me:




When I feel shut down, I have to remember whose opinion really counts.  Will I let people - even family - who want me to be a certain way define me?  Or will I reserve that place for the One who made me and loves the way I am already?   

Our stories carry the handprints of our Maker.  When we own our story and offer the unpolished, honest version to others, we make room for God to be seen.  

We don’t deny the painful past or the ugly mistakes, but we declare that there is hope for new beginnings and fresh starts.  God works with the raw materials of our lives to create beauty.  As we share our true selves with one another, our hearts are knitted together and mend.

When I first began to share my story with a couple of friends, I would sink into a deep pit of shame - even wanting to just die.  I had covered up so much hurt and anger, sorrow and disappointment that opening my heart to feel again was completely overwhelming.  I had never admitted that anyone hurt me or that I had any needs.  I believed that no one wanted the flawed, broken parts of me.

Shame drove me to work harder, smile often, and make other people look good.  This made me fake, denying my true self, and my story.

But a miracle happens when we allow someone to see us - flaws and all - and love us as we are.  A little bond forms called Trust.  As we open our hearts and receive Love, more bonds and bridges form, and we become REAL - willing to admit our mistakes, hurts, regrets, and joys without our worth attached.  We begin to live loved.  There is so much healing here - in relationship - where God abides.

True friends 'like' us - struggles and all, and see Beauty.

I now give thanks that my life fell apart, leaving me unable to perform - just shattered.  I didn't know who I was - just that I hurt and I wanted to be made whole.  This has been a long, hard process of being honest with God, myself, and friends that have earned the right to hear.

One day when I was feeling like 'too much' - that this journey to wholeness was taking way too long, my friend reassured me, "Paula, you don't ever need to apologize for the contents of messages to me - or the quantity, either.  Healing and trusting and being redeemed are unique for everyone who seeks to be made whole.  I'm grateful you're willing to deal with what you know is going to be uncomfortable stuff. It shows much courage - and also that you refuse to let junk define you.  Grace and peace, hope and encouragement to you... " and another day, "I'll listen anytime, Paula.  There's a lot inside of you that just needs to be heard for once."  

I really can't explain how much those words meant to me, but I know I couldn’t stop crying and read them over and over again.  They touched deep - and brought healing.  To me, they meant that I am worth listening to, that my life IS valuable and God doesn't make junk!  

The grace I have experienced through sharing my life with trusted friends continues to bring healing to my broken heart.  I'm thankful for friends that are in the arena with me and stand by my side no matter what.  I didn’t learn God’s love from a sermon, but from people who came and washed my feet.    

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Letting Go

Dear Dad,

It’s hard to just let you go, but the reality is that our relationship was never built on love and trust.  I have tried my whole life to earn your love and approval, but you couldn’t give me something that you didn’t have.  I forgive you for that.

I don’t know all that you experienced as a child growing up and I can’t explain the choices you made once you married my mom.  I don’t know why you weren’t faithful and didn’t value us, but chose to chase after deviance and deceit.  I know how I felt: unloved and unwanted.

I don’t understand why you hurt me or mom or our family.  I wanted to believe you were nice and that you loved us.  I have good memories with you, but so many times you turned on me.  You would make me feel guilty for your struggles and anger like everything was my fault. I tried to make you happy and fix our family, but your own words tell your true feelings towards me, “Paula, you have been a bad daughter and I have been a good dad.”  All I can say is that I tried my whole life to please you, and I was never good enough.  I can’t keep sacrificing myself for you.  I belong to Jesus now and He has set me free from having to please others for approval. He accepts me as I am.

After you hurt us, you would try to make up for it by gifts or making us feel bad for you, but we were never allowed to acknowledge that you hurt us.  You never would admit you were wrong or say you're sorry.  And if you said you’re sorry, it was only to get what you wanted.  I forgive you for manipulating me, but I will not continue this pattern with you.

Even though you may never be able to see or recognize the ways you hurt me, I am letting that pain go. I pray that God will give you light.  I forgive you for being manipulative and only seeing your own needs.  I forgive you for hurting me and our family.  I forgive you for raping my innocence and calling it love.  I forgive you for not loving me because you couldn't give me something you didn't have.

I pray that you will desire to walk in truth and light and that God will have mercy on you.  God is my Daddy and I belong to Him.  I choose to walk in the light and not deny the truth any longer.  I am not going to let other people control my life anymore.  I am God’s and He will protect me and keep me safe.

What Satan meant for evil, God works to good.  There is always Hope to turn to God and I pray that you do.

In true love,


Sunday, April 20, 2014

God Rescues Liars and Pretenders Like Me!

I wake up, two-year-old in my face.  I draw him close to snuggle, buried under covers.  He talks to me in only partially comprehensible language, but I cherish the love we share.  He is safe and secure in my love for him.  After a moment, he makes his requests and says, “Mommy, get up.”  

Today is Easter, a day to remember our Hope is in our Risen Lord.  Thank you, Jesus, for giving your life for me.  What You gave was given back to us all in measureless proportions.  Help me to offer myself to You today.  You never require more from me than I can give.  Whatever parts of myself I give to You today is enough, and You take my broken pieces and make me whole in You.  My true self, identity, is as Your beloved Daughter.  

You know my doubts and flaws, but that doesn’t hinder Your love for me for even a moment.  When I struggle to believe that You are for me, not disappointed with me, and not mad at me for struggling, You show me Your love in what’s right before me - in my two-year-old snuggled close, a whispered, “I love you”, a gentle breeze with the warmth of the sun, a text from a friend.  You remind me that I am not forgotten.  I am loved and cherished by You.

For so many years, I have lived under the weight of shame, believing that You would never accept me because of the darkness I hid.  I tried so hard to dress up my exterior and kill my interior so I could be worthy of love.  When all along, You already accepted me.  You want me to open up my dark places so Your light can illuminate and heal me.  

Opening myself up to Truth and Light has been an excruciating process.  It was easier to bury the pain, deny the unacceptable parts of myself, justify, and pretend all is well; but, I was dead inside.  I lied a lot - mostly to myself.  I lied about my childhood, habits, struggles, emotions, fears, hurts, and failures.  I was so desperate for love, I thought if anyone really knew me, they would abandon me.  Deep down, I believed I would never be good enough for God either.  

I perfected a positive, strong front, saying the right things, and looking good.  But the pain inside gnawed at me and I would turn to food for relief and then purge it out only to start over - AGAIN!  I blamed myself for so much of the dysfunction in my life, and I hated myself all the more.  I soaked up the ‘do more, try harder’ gospel, and made lists and resolutions to ‘do better.’  I punished myself when I failed.  

God, in His love for me, stripped me of my cover-up life.  He took me out of the church that focused on externals so that He could find me - all alone, hurting, and wanting.  He rescued me.  He understood my anger, mistrust, and hatred towards myself and Him.  I was so afraid that He would hurt and punish me, but He gently wooed me with His love.  He proved Himself trustworthy to me, and slowly I opened up my heart to Him.  

Still ashamed, I dared to let my secrets out so His healing Light could touch the dark places of my life.  Sharing with other safe people has been one of the most liberating things in my life.  Truly, Jesus bore my sins and my shame on the cross.  His sacrifice makes me right with God so I can come before Him unashamed as. I. am.  

I admit, living numb and in denial was easier, but I was dead!  My life and suffering were empty and purposeless.  God wants to give us life, to take our suffering and turn it into something beautiful.  Though the path to wholeness and healing is painful and feels like a lot of loss, we gain purpose and hope - which are worth living for.  We find our true selves, hidden in Christ!  He redeems our suffering and His love satisfies and heals our souls.   

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33  

Suffering is part of being ALIVE - it’s part of becoming whole and acknowledging my whole life story.  

To live by grace means to acknowledge my whole life story, the light side and the dark. In admitting my shadow side I learn who I am and what God's grace means.” Brennan Manning  

God’s grace is not conditioned by my correct understanding of Him or my performance, but solely on the fact that He purchased me at the cross.  He proved that I am wanted and adopted me into His family.  God accepted me all along even when I was so lost and searching.  He was with me even then.  He is the One who heals and redeems my life.  He is the One who has given me life and enlightens me!  He is in my every breath!  He is everywhere and longs to open my eyes and heart to His great love for me and others.  

In His love, I can rest.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Just BE and REST

Amidst a group of people in a rustic dining hall, I'm invited to a table. Though we only met the day before, there is a commonality we share that connects us in a deeper way.  We talk briefly as two others join in.  The conversation shifts to the great things God is doing in a campus ministry they are all involved in.  I listen, wanting to rejoice, but I'm overwhelmed with feeling ashamed of my life, and I get up and sit elsewhere.

I didn't understand it at the time, just wondering, "why do I want to hide?"

I tell God about it.  That use to be me: so zealous to ‘do’ great things for God, eager to ‘go’ anywhere and ‘do’ anything.  My dream was to be a missionary and work in the medical field in third world countries.

I married a crazy, ‘sold out’, Jesus freak.  I mean a guy that has “honk if you love Jesus” painted to the back of his thunker has to be serious about following Jesus, right?  He was ‘hard core!' We both were eager to live wholeheartedly and forsake all for Jesus.  

We ‘did’ all kinds of ‘great things for God’: passed out thousands of tracks, organized evangelism training, went street preaching, raised money for native missionaries, sold our possessions, lived in community with others, didn’t claim ownership of our goods, and worked hard to please God and further His Kingdom.

Despite all of our efforts, we ended up on our faces again and again with broken friendships, church outcasts, a shaky marriage, shattered dreams, and lost hope.  “God, we tried to follow and please You, but You led us here?!  Where did we go wrong?  I know that we were sincere.  Why are we just made a mockery?  Why have You forsaken us?”  

The Accuser seizes the opportunity to ream me, “Look at you.  Your faith isn’t real.  You're just a big mistake.” Blame and shame are his weapons to keep me hiding from God, but Jesus says, "Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me--watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly." Matt. 11:28-30 (MSG)

While I thought I was so strong and competent, my focus was on MY ability, not God's! I am proud! Oh God, please break me of my pride. Thank you for letting me fall so I can learn to depend on You. Thank you for leading me HERE - to this wilderness, this desperate place, where I am the one in need of help.  Brokenness is a gift.

The Superstar Christian life - always trying to do more and be better - misses the whole point of the Gospel!  It’s not what we 'do' for Christ, it’s what He did for us!  He accepts us at our worse. "The One who knows all of your darkness, flaws, that One is the One who loves you the most and there's nothing you can do to make that love go away." Ginny Owens

When I hear of God at work, churches embracing the hurting, children growing up in secure homes, and love being played out, instead of comparing myself and my not-so-pretty story, I can remember it's His story. We are all broken - in need of a Redeemer, and redemption wins.

Yes, it’s okay to grieve the loss of what I wish my life were and feel the pain of growing up in a broken home, being wounded in churches, and suffering severed relationships - but, I don’t need to feel ashamed!  God has purposed my life not in spite of the brokenness, but because He uses broken vessels to make His Greatness known. It's not my work, it's His work in me.  He calls forth Light out of Darkness, Life from Death, and Beauty from Ashes. 

On days I feel ashamed of my broken, needy condition, I remember the words of my friend, Kelli.  
“I felt like God reminded me that Jesus told the story in Matt. 25 about those who helped "the least of these" - that they were actually helping Jesus. I felt like He impressed on me that there may be many Christians who are in the giving place - but not many wanting to be in the Jesus place - the place of being ministered to. That is the place he says is HIS in that story and that is at least one of the meanings of Christmas, and even of Easter: Jesus had need. He was on the receiving end as an infant at his mother's breast. He received the help of others during his passion and crucifixion. And now, we walk in his steps not by holding with tight fists into the idea of being the "strong" ones, but by letting our needs be known and ministered to. This cannot be a shameful place because it is the JESUS place.”
Jesus shows us that humility is depending on God to meet our needs and receive from others.  He loves us enough to let us fall in our own strength so we can stop striving and rest in His finished work on the cross. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me!  It's not my job to change myself; I am God’s work. Even when it looks like I am a lost cause, just a big mess; I am God’s mess and He won’t EVER give up on me!

“Oh God, please hold us close.  YOU are the wonderful counselor and we put our trust in you to speak through others BUT ALSO through your Spirit inside us. We don't pray that you'll make us strong if we need to experience weakness right now as you did, Jesus, in your days on the earth. You have shown us that weakness is not shameful, but rather a way that we can relate to you as you have stretched so far to relate to us. Our hope is in You, oh God. Amen.” ~Kelli

We can rest. We are enough because God has chosen to adopt us as. we. are. He doesn't despise our weakness - He comes alongside us with compassion and asks us to give Him our load and let Him carry us. We don't have to be strong anymore, because He is strong for us.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Growing into Who God Says I Am - Beloved

Have you ever been disappointed?  Or started something new and just felt like it was a hopeless cause?  I'm sure we all have these moments, but God sees our efforts and He says, "you are enough."  Really, even if no one notices us and we feel like we are all alone, God sees us and He delights in us.  We are His beloved children.

My children love to show me what they can do.  When they learn to ride a bike, write their name, sound out a word, or do a back-handspring, they want me to SEE them and cheer them on.  Many times I want this same affirmation from others.  I want them to SEE me and give me their 'thumbs up.'

But, God is my Daddy and He is the only Voice that counts.  I want to learn to always be listening to His reassuring Voice that says, "Paula, I got you.  You are Mine.  I like you the way you are.  You don't have to prove anything to me.  You are loved."  In His Presence, I can rest.

I think of Jesus and the way that He lived here on earth.  For the first 30 years of his life, He was just an average guy still living with His parents and working with His father.  He grew up in the favor of God and man.  "There the child grew strong in body and wise in spirit.  And the grace of God was on him," Luke 2:40.

Jesus was confident of who He was as a Beloved Son of God.  He knew where He belonged, in God's house.  His parents were not impressed, but upset and hurt when they found Him in the Temple among the teachers.  Jesus explained to them that He was doing His Father's work, but they didn't know what He was talking about.  Their reaction didn't make him waver, because He had learned to listen to His Father's Voice. He was still respectful to his parents, but He didn't let that stop Him from doing what He was called to do.

I want this kind of unwavering confidence!

God, help me to practice listening to Your Voice even when those around me don't understand or appreciate me.  That's okay.  Jesus was not appreciated by those closest to Him as well.  Help me step into what You are calling me to do, without fearing rejection.  And really, I believe You first want to show me who I am, Your Beloved Daughter.  May I operate from a place of security, knowing that You approve of me just the way I am.  Thank you, Jesus, for being our example of living free from man's control and approval.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for enabling us to live like Jesus - FREE!  You are a good Daddy to us.  Thank you that you preapprove us as Your children just as we are.  May we live knowing we are loved unconditionally.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I am Preapproved - Fully Loved as I am!

I’ve always been afraid of what people think of me.  I mean, if you don’t like me, then there must be something wrong with me!  Thus, I have done everything in my control to put up a good image and be likeable.  Looking good for the approval of others has been a Love Idol for me.

I have handed other people the right to define me, and give me my self-worth.  Not being a ‘natural’, I have worked extra hard to earn approval and love.  Growing up, I studied long hours to ensure straight ‘A’s’, ran extra miles to make sure I was a top runner, and tried so hard to ‘fix’ my broken family and make everyone happy.  I learned early on how to ‘not feel’, put on a smile, and pretend that all is well.  If I let people see the real me with my hurts and flaws, I believed they would reject and abandon me.  

No matter how hard I tried, NOTHING was ever ‘good enough’.  I didn’t feel loved at all.  I struggled on the inside while looking ‘together’ on the outside.  But, life went on.

In college, I was bombarded by the idea that God expects us to ‘live free from sin.’  Perfect!  That’s exactly what I want to be: PERFECT!  The verse, “be perfect as my Heavenly Father is perfect” fit the bill.  So, I added more restrictions to my life and tried extra hard to make God happy with me.  I followed the rules of what men said God wanted, and even went beyond to ensure God’s approval.

However, I knew that sin lurked inside of me and I thought that if God hated sin, then surely God hated me.  I hated myself as well so I worked hard to ‘put myself to death.’  The teaching in the church just fueled the self-hatred inside.

If only I could ‘do well’ for God, then maybe He would accept me.  However, I had developed some bad habits early on that I just couldn’t shake and I didn’t think God would accept me until I did better. But, all my efforts always ended in failure so I would resolve to do better by being harsher with myself, all the while thinking this is what God wanted.

In High School, I was told that extra weight would slow me down, so I ran many miles and tried to eat very little to stay extra lean.  Meanwhile, I was burdened by so much shame for what had been done to me, and blamed myself for having a broken home - that I turned to food for comfort and relief.  I hated myself for this and was afraid to be fat so I made myself throw up.  I tried to stop doing this on my own, buried in shame for 14 years.  

I believed that I was an utter disappointment to God, and feared rejection from people if they really knew my hurts and struggles.   

As I got older, I tried to find approval in being the best wife, mom, church-going, Bible-reading, praying, serving kinda girl.  But, fear ruled my heart.  I lived to please man, thinking I was pleasing God.  The burden to be approved got heavier and heavier.  I had to be so careful to do everything ‘right’, never showing any weakness.

By God’s grace, I failed.  God nudged me to speak up in the unhealthy church we were a part of, which was totally inappropriate for a woman - to speak!  But, I followed my heart and chose to follow God rather than man.  He was the approval my heart longed for.  I was scolded harshly and ‘marked’ as an insecure, fearful, carnal, emotional woman who lacked a sound mind - the very labels I spent my life trying to disprove.  Those words pierced my heart, and I hurt.  With no one by my side, I felt abandoned, rejected, unloved, and utterly alone.  I felt like I had obeyed God, and He failed me.  

I lost my ability to perform and even function.  I sunk into depression and my past haunted me.  I was desperately afraid that I would never be ‘good enough’ for God or people.  PTSD kept me hypervigilant and fearful of more rejection.  I hid for a long time.  

In the pit of despair, I was finally honest to God about my life, my hurt, my anger towards Him and those who hurt me.  Those who were supposed to love me, hurt me, again and again no matter how hard I tried to please them.  How can I trust You, God?  Why did You allow such pain and heartache in my life?  What is Love anyways?  I can’t comprehend it.  God, please help me!  

Though I wanted Him to rescue me, I was angry and afraid.  I ran - He pursued.

He sent me a stranger on-line to share the Good News with me.  I confessed, “I am the lost sheep,” but the stranger told me, “Paula, it sounds to me like Jesus found you.”  I thought about that, and I reckoned He did.  “The Gospel is not what you do for Christ, it isn’t ‘do more, try harder’, but it’s what Jesus did for you.”  “God loves you as you are, not as you ‘should’ be.”  The Holy Spirit used the words on the screen to pierce my wounded, hard heart.

The scary thing about love is that we have to open up our hearts to receive it.  Well, I had promised myself to never open up my heart again when I was 13.  I had been hurt too many times and I was never going to trust another soul in my life.  But, God is near the brokenhearted and saves those with a contrite heart.  He understands me completely - even my difficulty with trusting Him.

He captured my heart with His love.  At my ugliest, worst moments, God accepted me and I felt His love for the first time that I can remember.  I gave Him my heart.

He gently leads me out of hiding and covers my shame.

Carefully, my Chief Surgeon, reveals the Love Idols I have worshiped that have occupied my heart. Like a cancer, they take up His love space.  He never scolds me, just asks me if I want Him to remove them.  It’s scary, but I know it’s for my good.  Those idols only hurt me and keep me from His love that heals.

Even though He has given me a new heart, the habits I formed to earn love and the lies I have believed of what makes me ‘worthy’ try to occupy my heart again.  I have to remind myself daily that I am ‘preapproved’ and loved as I am.  I am learning to trust my Savior with all my heart and let Him inhabit more and more.

As I receive His love, I no longer need to turn to food!  He is healing that for me.  I can accept the way He made me as good and appreciate my body.  I can let myself feel realizing that my feelings are not ‘bad’, they make me real.

Though I still struggle with the lies that I am ‘not enough’ - feeling everything but approved, wanted, accepted, and loved as I am, He says I am enough, and that’s the truth!

The concept of the Gospel can be so hard to wrap my mind around, but the Holy Spirit continues to pierce my heart and show me His love that He proved for me through Jesus.  God loves me enough to give His only Son - for ME!  I don’t deserve His love.  I can’t earn it, but it’s Mine.  I am His, and He is mine, and His banner over me is love.  I can rest.  I am preapproved!  That truth makes me a Believer.

The more God’s love fills my heart, the freer I become from all the idols that kept me bound.  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hiding Behind a Smile

I smile a lot.

Sometimes it means I'm happy. Sometimes excited,
but sometimes it's a mask because I'm afraid to show my true emotions.

I don't want to drag people down and be a burden so I put on a smile and act like all is well. Fear and shame have kept me bound. "I'm too sensitive and insecure. I should just get over it. Really, I am no good and unlovable," are lies I've believed. What if I push you away?

My answer has been to hide - hide my pain, fear, and shadow side behind a smile. It protects me from being honest, keeping my life safely concealed.

Silently, I cry, "Help me," but I can not seem to muster up the courage to speak. I keep myself locked up in shame and self-contempt. I punish myself for having longings to be cherished and loved. I convince myself that if anyone saw the real me, they would snicker and judge - disapprove and discard. But I'm desperate for you to see through my facade, to hear my cries, and accept me for who I am. I want to know that my life counts - that I'm worth it.

Rejection, betrayal, and abuse are hard to just 'get over.' When trust is broken again and again, the risk to be vulnerable seems too great. Every time you're hurt, you add another layer of bricks to wall off your heart.

"I will never trust anyone again," I told myself when I was 13. I learned that one does best to bury her feelings and pain, and just put on a smile. Look good, work hard, and make everyone happy - that's the way to survive in this world.

While this works for a while, the blanket of denial and burden of grief becomes unbearable. Hopelessness, depression, and despair made me question, "Who am I? What's the point of my life?"

I saw myself a corpse lying on the floor wondering how I got here. What do I do? There's no one I can trust, no safe place to be. I am all alone - lost.

Thankfully, Jesus seeks the lost. He is near the brokenhearted. He sets the captives free. He is relentless in His pursuit and unwavering in His love. He captures me with His loving embrace and I let Him see ME just as I am. I weep.

He doesn't want my smile on the outside when I'm dying on the inside. He enters into my pain and suffers with me. He doesn't scold me for where I am. He accepts me just as I am. He covers my shame and calms my fears.

I am safe in Him. His promise to never leave my side comforts me. I am free to just be me and that's enough.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free to Be You!

We come as we are. Don’t we always come as we are? Just whether we reveal ourselves to one another depends... Am I safe? Will they approve of me? What if they disagree and I am shut down? What if they can’t understand? What if they don’t believe me? For me, the biggest hindrance is the lie that my story isn’t worth listening to.

We all have insecurities and fears along with hope and dreams, and it’s a battle to trust and believe that we are loved - just. as. we. are. We don’t have to prove our worth to anyone - Jesus already proved our value by paying the highest price for us - His very life! We don’t have to hide - He will never put us to shame and even when we fail, He still approves. We are free to take risks, live our dreams, and just be honestly true to who He made us to be.

This is not an easy road to travel and living loved means taking risks. We all get down sometimes, and we need people in the arena with us to remind us who we really are - forgiven, loved, pre-approved.

It’s a fight to live life alive, to show our truest selves, to come out of hiding. To be vulnerable takes courage, but when we can be honest with one another, we open our hearts to healing and connection. We open our hearts to the greatest gift of all, Love.

Circled up, we each introduce ourselves and proclaim that we are grateful believers in Jesus Christ living in this broken world in which we all have struggles. I’ve never been in an environment where people are safe to share their own personal deep struggles and be lifted up and encouraged, but it is a beautiful thing to behold. It is pure grace.

Honest hearts spill forth and it is a sacred offering to our Lord. I can relate to every. one. In sharing our burdens, we know that we are not alone.

One woman confesses her addiction to food for comfort and how God is helping her to turn to Him step by step.

Another tells of her husband’s recent relapse and the pain and struggle to trust and love him even in his addiction.

In tears, one woman tells of the deep struggle of loneliness and the grief of coming from a broken family - struggling with envy when she sees others in happy homes and is reminded that hers is not.

Others share about dealing with anger and unforgiveness.

A young woman breaks as she shares how someone was kind to her in a way she had never experienced and it touched her deep - a love message from her Daddy-God.

Some pass with no judgement, just love and acceptance. We understand.

A mother eagerly awaiting to embrace her two children from a foreign land shares her deep longing to hold them close, safe and home, but is faced with unrealistic demands for paperwork that is out of her control. She shares how this trial brought her to a breaking point, feeling angry towards God "because if He cared,He would help." She told God she no longer believed, but as she escaped in her music, a song she never heard came on about trusting in God’s unconditional love. The lyrics repeated over and over again, “I will bring her home. I will bring her home. I will bring her home.” The words pierced her heart, and she said for the first time, she knew God’s love - not just in her head, but she felt it in her heart. Tears streamed down our faces - together. This is Holy Ground.

My turn came around. I confessed my deepest struggle is hating myself - not believing what God says about me - that I am His beloved daughter and I don’t have to do anything to earn it. Yet, even in my unbelief, God is doing miracles all around me. It’s like the walls of Jericho in my heart and in my life are falling down, and I picture Jesus carrying me through the rubble. When I can’t hang on, He holds me tight and close to His chest so I can feel His heart beating for me. He really is crazy about me!

Sitting in the midst of my beautiful sisters that Jesus holds so dear, I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness and faithfulness to each of us. So, in my turn, I ask if they don’t mind if I just share my heart in prayer. I thank God for being our Daddy who cares for each one of us and never leaves us - He meets us right where we are IN the struggles and mess.

My heart is filled with compassion and love for God's people. Then, He confirms in my heart that I am His. He has come and made His home in me! Something I’ve always doubted. But His Spirit in me cries, “Abba Father.” I know I am loved and I can trust Him. That gives me courage to share my story even in the middle, unfinished, messy place.

I am nourished by the beautiful women, each with her own story, who opened up their hearts. We all have hurts, hang-ups, and habits that weigh us down, but we are not meant to carry them alone! In sharing our burdens, we invite Jesus to lift us up out of the ashes. We laugh. We cry. We pray. Jesus comes down and meets with us - He doesn’t keep His distance. He enters into the rubble with us, reaching the unreachable parts, healing our wounded hearts, giving us hope even in the valley of death, and redeeming our very lives.

Love calls out the good in one another and inspires courage in each other to live confidently in our Heavenly Father’s unwavering love for us. My heart is full. "Let us love one another."

God is real and He really can do miracles in each of us no matter how dark and deep our pit.

“There is no pit so deep, that God's love is not deeper still.” Corrie ten Boom

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Every Story Matters

I’m writing right now because I have believed the lie that my life doesn’t really matter - that no one cares about my story. That if my friends really knew all of me, I would be too much, and they would leave me. I’m writing because I fight so many lies every. single. day.

As I read the words of my friend, Jennifer, “Your words matter to God. Your words matter to people.” I threw my phone down and just wept. It was like God was speaking directly to ME - piercing through my scarred heart, and I cried, “Oh God, help me believe this.”

Earlier this morning, I had opened my phone-Bible (Message version) looking for a verse on friends. I ended up in John 15, “Love one another the way I loved you. This is the very best way to love. Put your life on the line for your friends.” Immediately, I was bombarded with condemnation. “You are a bad friend, Paula. Think of all the friends you have lost. No one will ever stick it out with you because you don’t stick it out with them.” I got myself in a shame pit, and it’s so hard to try to climb out.

The truth is that I grew up too fast in an unhappy home and I found my worth by pleasing others and performing for acceptance. I have always longed to be close to God and people, but I walled-off my heart at an early age. I learned the world was an unsafe place and no one could protect me, so I had to protect myself. Though I’ve had a nice, competent, ‘together’, positive exterior, I never let anyone see the hurt I buried inside. I truly believed I was worthless and no one would ever love me - for me. It is a fight to not believe these lies still.

I married a man that wasn’t really attracted to me, but God told him to marry me and he liked that I was a “good, humble, submissive” girl who wouldn’t hold him back. I never complained and I truly wanted to live for Jesus. He believed we should “live as if we weren’t married” in order to be ‘sold out’ for Jesus and further the Gospel. Though it sounded good and I thought I was 'dying to myself,' I really felt unloved, abandoned, and alone. I didn’t believe I had any worth - so at least I could help him make much of God.

Then, we ended up in an unhealthy church that promised to love us and teach us God’s ways. We gave ourselves to them. I was uncomfortable at first, coming from the world with different standards, but I changed my exterior to fit the mold, and I quietly conformed and obeyed my leaders with a smile. I tried so hard to please so I would belong and be loved, but I never could measure up. I never was good enough. I still love all the people there and count them as friends, but when I left, the connections were severed, and I was once again, desperately alone - unloved. Who really cares for me?

I gave up. Life is too hard. No one will ever love me. I am lost. Then, God put two friends in my life that believed in me. They believed in Jesus in me. They didn’t mind my tears or hurt or anger. That didn’t push me away. My friend, Dave, told me that Jesus found me and that “God loves me as I am, not as I ‘should’ be,” a quote from Brennan Manning. It was too good to be true - with eyes on all of my failures of the past - I doubted God could really like ME. But there was a little speck of hope that I hung on to - that maybe it really was true - there was hope, even for me.

Through Dave and Kelli’s friendship and love to me, God started tearing down my walls. I felt Love, God’s love, for the first time. I know God tried to show me before, but I was too walled-off and hard to feel.

My Creator Daddy is a gentleman and He doesn’t push me too hard - little by little, He opens my heart to heal me. Though I cry because it hurts, His love touches my pain and makes me soft so I can feel again. He makes my heart alive, and I’d rather be alive and able to feel even in the suffering, than dead-while-breathing and numb.

He’s given me a heart that can show my true self and accept the way I am, because He accepts me as I am. Now I can connect with others on a heart level because God has made my heart to feel, and for that I am eternally grateful. I am thankful for the friends I have, for the friends I have had that are still in my heart and I believe that God will reunite us again, and I’m thankful for the people God will put in my life to share this life with through the joy and the pain. I’m thankful that my husband is now my friend too and God is connecting us in a deeper way than ever.

Thank you, God, that redemption wins! Love wins! You love us so we can love others and friendships are a beautiful gift from You. Thank You for never giving up on us even when we give up.

Thus, I’m writing right now because I am a Believer. Though I’ve wished my life away so many times, God sees me as valuable and He has me here on purpose - for purpose. He proved His love for me through Jesus, so I surrender. My life is His - not to hide my true self, but to share all that God has done and is doing for me - even in the struggles. May He have glory in my life.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Daddy's Messages of Love

Dear Beloved Daughter,

You long for others to tell you you're worth it, but I long to send you love messages from Me. Just listen. Look around and you will SEE me in everything. I'm here with you. I've been with you all along. I love you, My precious child. I like all the things about you that you don't like. I created you in My Image, and you are beautiful inside and out.

Please don't worry child - I know you carry so much grief that you don't feel like you'll make it another day. Let Me take your burdens. I will carry you when you can't go on.

I love you, dear one. I always have. You are Mine, and I will protect and watch over you. I know your every thought, every tear, every laugh - and I care about it all. You matter to me - every part of you. So rest, my child, rest. You're gonna make it - I already made provision for you to be close to Me forever, and I will provide for your every need while you're still here on earth.

You'll never be alone - I live within you, breathe through you, My heart beats with your heart. Listen and trust what's inside. I am always with you. You are My home and I love being home with you. I like spending time with you, and I think you are fun. I gave you good gifts and I love when you enjoy them. I smile watching you, and when you are broken and weighed down, I am with you to comfort you. I will always be here to hold you and heal your wounds.

You can trust Me. I love you with My very life. I want you to know that you are wanted. You are loved. You are My girl forever. When I look at you, I just see beauty. Lift up your head, My child, and walk with Me. I have glorious things to show you. I have a good plan for your life. Let Me lead you, and you will see. Look around at all the love messages I send you today - in your child's eyes and snuggles, your friend's message, the deep blue sky - Love is all around you. Let me fill your heart with Love today.

Love your Creator Daddy,

Thank you, Daddy, thank you. You make me cry because You really do love me and want good for me. I love You too - so much. I want to follow You. Thank You for carrying me so much of my life, and giving me joy in the midst of pain. You are so good to me, and I don't deserve it, but You gave all anyways. Help me believe Your words, and not lies. Help me see with Your eyes. Thank You for breaking through to me so many times. Thank You for making Your home in me and never getting tired of hearing from me. Your Love changes me.

I am Yours forever,
Love with all my heart,

Your Beloved Daughter

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Prayer from my Heart

Dear Daddy,

One of the biggest things I struggle with is worth. I just have a hard time believing that I’m worth it. I want to go Home. I struggle because even though I know people really do love me, I feel so alone. When I get close to someone, I fear they’ll leave me. I don’t want to be afraid of being left anymore. God, why do I fear this so bad?

Help me know that You will never leave me nor forsake me. Help me know that I am loved just as I am, and I don’t have to get it right for Your approval. Help me know that You really do want me - You already proved that by making a way for me to be close to You through the sacrifice of Your Beloved Son.

You like to hear from me. You like to spend time with me. You want me to be close to You, and You want to be close to me. I don’t annoy You with all my questions and doubts. You totally get that, and You are more than eager to help me SEE You in everything, and hear Your Voice. You never tire in Your pursuit of me. You pursue me with a passionate Love for You are Love. You don’t get impatient with me. You truly take delight in me in all my mess. You don’t see mess, You see beauty. You see me as Your Beloved Daughter and You want me to enjoy life. You love to give me good gifts. Help me to receive all of Your gifts with open palms and unclenched fists.


Your Beloved Girl in Jesus’ Precious Name,